HP X585DN Officejet Enterprise Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier

  • Keep productivity high while keeping your bottom line in mind. This powerful HP MFP delivers color documents at up to twice the speed and half the cost per page of color lasers.[1,2] Proven HP Page Wide Technology makes it possible.
  • Designed for the demands of business, this MFP delivers the enterprise features you need. Make it easy on IT, with advanced security and management solutions, easy upgrades and mobile printing options.
  • Bolster your fleet with an MFP that goes the distance. Load large projects and let it handle the job while employees move on with business. Like an HP LaserJet, this MFP is built to last.
The first thing to know about the HP X585DN Officejet is that it is fast. Blazingly fast. Blink and you've got ten copies fast. I was a little concerned about damp pages and smearing ink with an inkjet, but that is NOT a problem at all. Pages come out dry with crisp, clean lines. I couldn't be happier with the print quality. Line art is gorgeous. Amazon notes the resolution as 600 dpi. HP says Best Photo will optimize to 2400 x 1200. This probably isn't your best choice if your priority is high quality photos, but if you're printing, say, an organization newsletter, you'll get a great-looking product (even photos), printed amazingly fast and at low ink prices.

Set up is easy, this was talking to my network within 15 minutes. Once it's on the network, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 will install the printer drivers directly from the printer. Remote administrator controls are available directly through your browser, and the controls are logically laid out and simple to manage. You have full, browser-based administrator control for configuring and customizing the printer and its security.

I'm using the printer wired; wireless coverage isn't the greatest in my office space. Apparently you do need an HP wireless accessory for wireless use on this model.
HP X585DN Officejet Enterprise
HP X585DN Officejet Enterprise touch screen display is large, easy to read and easy to manipulate. My favorite bit is that you can look up ink levels on the screen, standing at the printer. (Ink and paper levels are also available using the browser-based controls.)

The Officejet handles double-sided documents beautifully. Scans them or copies them with the reversing document feeder, or prints double-sided just as quickly as it does everything else. You can scan documents and email them directly from the printer.

The printer has 1.7 Gb of memory, so you can store or scan documents to printer memory (nice for frequently-printed documents, like sales sheets). You can also email documents to the printer through HP email if you're out of the office. There is a USB port near the control panel allowing direct printing from, or scanning to, a USB device.

Sleep mode saves energy when you're not using the printer but it's always ready when you send it a new job. Ink cartridges are easy to change and definitely less expensive than the ink for my old HP laserjet Enterprise.
HP X585DN Officejet Enterprise

This would be an efficient, economical choice for a small to medium office or workgroup. I dropped one star because you really shouldn't call it "Wireless" and expect people to buy another accessory to make that bit work. But for speed, print quality, ink prices and did I mention speed? this is a great printer.SETUP:
The setup was a 45 minute process aided by a touch screen monitor on the printer. The steps were self-explanatory but required patience to sit through the entire process. For the price, I am not in favor of signing up for a $1600/- printer to do what it does.

The printer is slightly big in size compared to its counterparts. It required two to carry it in. Overall appearance looks sharp for a printer of this size.

That was easy, until you find out that it has no WIFI, a gross misrepresentation in the title.

Perhaps the best function on HP X585DN printer. The copy operation was a breeze and was easy to navigate through to do a variety of copy functions. I tried various options (2 sided copy, single sided, collated) and it came out very good.

HP X585DN Officejet Enterprise

The most anticipated function on this printer disappointed me the most. First due to the lack of wifi connectivity, I had to connect to the printer via an Ethernet cable from my laptop. Once I got to it I was able to play with a variety of functions.
  • Color Quality: The color quality was not sharp. It came out looking blurry.
  • Depth: The depth of the colors was it was too shallow.
  • Sharpness: I tried printing a good set of pictures from my website.
  • Speed: The speed was very good and the turnout was at a good clip.
I have not tried this feature primarily due to the inability to scan and email the scanned images.

I don't' have a landline at home and this feature requires one.
HP X585DN Officejet Enterprise Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Unknown

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