LaserJet 500 M575F Laser Multifunction Printer Color Reviews

 LaserJet 500 M575F
  • Printer Type: Laser Multifunction Printer
  • Color: Color
  • Maximum Print Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Ethernet Connection: Yes
  • Monochrome Print Speed: 31
The LaserJet 500 M575F printer does print and make superb copies. Customers sometimes grab the copy of their drivers license thinking it's real.

Truly incredible printer, very fast, the automatic feeder needed a wipe with a damp paper towel to remove some oils that were causing it to not pick up the papers, but it was a quick and simple fix that happens to many printers. The touch screen is a major plus, faxing works great both from the unit and from the desktops, though you do have to install the Fax driver separately, it is not installed during the product install process. The webserver config is great, made setting up the scan to drive very easy and the client absolutely loves having their scans go right to a server share directory to retrieve from their computers.

Make sure you set it up as a network printer not usb. It messed me up when I set it up with the usb plug. It works great it probably could be a little more user friendly in the setup but it is a breeze to use.

LaserJet 500 M575F

Copy, Print and Fax M575F features work as expected out of the box. It is fast and durable for a small business environment. Gave it four stars based on the lack of intuitive interface to setup networking. Specifically scan to email and scan to folder options. Had a very capable IT person who spent most of the day configuring these features with our server and mail system. Should not have been that complicated. Once configured, it has worked flawless.

New model is slower, that's the main problem. Setup is easier than last, But that's not saying much. If you are using this for home, it's fine. Office use setup was difficult for our It guy. Updates are confusing.

As a patent attorney, I print and scan many long documents. This HP LaserJet 500 is an outstanding do-all home office device. Well worth the price. Contrary to the "IT" expert in the other review, I had no problem setting it up.
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