HP Laserjet Enterprise 600 M602N Printer Reviews

  • Print at rapid speeds on a variety of paper types
  • Produce high print volumes with low maintenance
  • Replace toner cartridges easily, and enjoy quiet, clean performance
  • Use only Original HP Toner in your HP printer for great results, print after print
Our accountant used to put a number of documents in the print que and walk away from the office to take a break while the printer warmed up and thought for a while before pushing out a piece of paper every so often.

No more breaks for the accountant. Prints a page a second with almost no hesitation at the beginning. Shoots paper into the tray like it is angry.

HP Laserjet Enterprise 600 M602N

Has enough space in the paper tray for a full ream of paper, and has enough room in the finished printing tray for the same ream.

Only con would have bought the one with a legal tray as well had I been thinking correctly, but we don't need to print legal often enough to make that too big an inconvenience.

Share this printer with workgroups to cut costs and boost productivity. Tackle everyday printing needs, influence print habits, and control printer access with customized printing policies and secure pull printing.

The place where finished documents go (output tray) is deep, if you don't look well, you may think it didn't M602N printer (this is in a common area, a shared printer). People complain it didn't print, I show them the pile right where it should be.
HP Laserjet Enterprise 600 M602N
HP M602N printers are bulletproof. I've been buying/installing printers for a large university for 25 years and have seen a lot of printers come and exc, Apple, Next, Printronix, Epson, Brother, Panasonic, Xerox, Canon, Lexmark have continuously recommended HP Laserjet Enterprise 600 printers over other brands for several reasons: Let's face it, they just work when you hook a new one up to almost anything. There's never a problem finding drivers for almost any OS.

The network functions just work, no matter what network we use (small LANs to massively crowded public networks). Supplies tend to be reasonably priced, and generic aftermarket supplies are usually available (for those who choose that path).

It was easy to setup and the unit just sits on top or the additional paper feeder. It is not quiet but also not noisy (unless you happen to be sitting right next to it). First page comes out quickly and print speed is fast, close to our xerox printer rated at about the same speed. Only had it a week so don't know about reliability. We plan on using refurbished high capacity cartridges and the cost per page for toner will be about $0.066 which again compares to the Xerox copier/printer. We got this because the Xerox has not been reliable. Has it's own drivers on the HP Laserjet Enterprise web site. Using the 32bit and 64bit Win 7 drivers without a problem.
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