HP LaserJet P3015dn Printer with Black or Silver Choice Colors


Ideal for businesses that need to print high volumes and confidential documents on a variety of media types, the reliable, high-performance HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015dn Printer delivers fast print speeds up to 42 ppm and automatic 2-sided printing. A built-in hardware integration pocket (HIP) allows you to connect and house your HP and partner security card swipe and authentication devices, and a walk-up USB port provides fast printing from thumb drives.
  • Get print speeds up to 42 ppm, a fast first page out and automatic 2-sided printing
  • Ensure only authorized individuals have access by entering a private PIN at the 10-key pad
  • Extend your printer’s capabilities to meet your business needs with an open EIO slot and two internal accessory ports
  • Instant-on Technology provides up to a 50% energy savings over competitive laser products
  • 250-sheet top output bin
  • Intuitive control panel with four-line LCD display, 10-number key pad, and Show-Me-How menu
  • 100-sheet multipurpose tray handles a variety of special papers
  • Comes with One 500-sheet input tray and one 100-sheet input tray
  • 128 MB memory expandable to 640 MB, and a 540 MHz processor
HP LaserJet P3015dn Printer
This is a great printer, I have had HP LaserJet P3015dn printers for over 20 years and they are so reliable I never to work on them at all. I print about an entire box of legal size paper each month and had 2 2200 models that I used for over a decade. I have seen reviews that say the 3015dn difficult to set up which is just a joke. I guess that is true if pluging it in meets your definition of difficult. Really plug it in and windows will set it up, you don't even need the set up disk, I never even opened up the set up disk.

Setup is failrly strait forward. The printer is excellent quality. The secret to the HP printrs is before adding to the network, alwaya...always download the latest driver library and update the firmware with the latest firmware available. This really solved the paper jams from the high speed printing. This one has a quite mode that is very highly appreciated from the office workers and the speed to print is 7.5-8 sec which is also a nice feature.

The big plus is that this P3015dn printer is based on current medium frame HP printer chassis which are quite robust. This is in the mid to lower side for the medium business and works great for a 5-10 person office. The print speed is quite impressive and will hold an entire ream of paper. Testing it, I printed several small book size print jobs and finished much faster that expected. The add on of additional paper trays and accessories are plug and play with the correct driver available for download. So far has been very good purchase and if as good as the last midsize HP purchased we will get a good 5 years of solid daily use from HP LaserJet P3015dn printer.

After using this printer for a couple weeks and adding two upgrades to it (more memory and the added 500 sheet tray slot), I have found what appears to be an issue with HP's latest universal print drivers. I have reproduced the issue using both the PS and PCL6 drivers.

The problem is that text in a MS Word document appears consistently incorrect for the same page(s) printed. I have reproduced this issue with two different versions of HP's universal printer drives: upd-ps-x64- and upd-ps-x64- I have an older version of the universal print drivers that do not share this issue: upd-ps-x64- Additionally, the consistently distorted fonts for the same Word document do not appear using the latest drivers if I first print to a PDF file followed by printing the PDF to the printer. This was what led me to believe this is a driver issue.

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